England forward line is world class, says Gareth Southgate

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Gareth Southgate believes the frontline of England is very exciting as every other in world football.
World Cup Golden Boot winner Harry Kane grabbed a to move him beyond Sir Geoff Hurst and Stan Mortensen in the all-time scoring ranks of England.
The England skipper not only contains 25 goals from 40 global appearances but is matched Marcus Rashford and by Raheem Sterling, together with teens Jadon Sancho and Callum Hudson-Odoi also in the plans of Southgate.
“I believe that they’re as exciting as anything, actually,” Southgate said of the assaulting unit.
“I recall going to Spain and thinking’well, a really challenging game, but you examine our entrance three and their entrance three on the evening and I felt that we were strong’.
“And I have got to say, we have got Sancho and Hudson-Odoi who will push, and actually push, therefore I believe it is exciting.
“You want to have players around the field to influence the matches, but you want to have players who could come in and have an effect and I think we’re in a healthy position.”
Asked if the players are beginning to recognise they have the capability to be the best, Southgate said:”It is an intriguing comment. I think they have humility.
“I believe they maybe don’t, since they sometimes don’t view themselves as others do.
“We’ve also got to bear in mind that as a training team. Very often you utilize the team and it’s simple to find what they can not do.
“I think whenever we are judging games, a lot people consider what has not gone well and sometimes we can overlook the brilliant things they do, that perhaps other nations do not have.”
Kane’s hat-trick from Bulgaria has been the next of his career, and Danny Rose states the striker is your’professional’.
“I really don’t wish to place pressure on Harry but if he is in the team, you are guaranteed goals and a leader that will give every thing,” Rose explained.
“It is a privilege to be with him. He’s literally the best professional, the best professional I have ever coached with or played his record for club and state isn’t a coincidence.”

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