Alliance of American Football Preview: Who Wins the Inaugural Championship?

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Now that the Patriots have been crowned the NFL’s champions, the Alliance of American Football league will get underway with the hard hitting, bone crunching action that football fans starve for throughout the NFL’s offseason.
Founded by a number of soccer’s most revered personalities, the AAF aims to create an interactive, immersive, and enjoyable experience between the lovers and the sport of football. The AAF contains eight teams located in eight distinct countries, also features former school soccer stars, NFL players, and big time coaches.
About the AAF
In March 2018, the Alliance of American Football was co-founded by TV big wig Charlie Ebersol, son of the highly respected former NBC Sports chairman Dick Ebersol. The other co-founder is Hall Of Fame executive Bill Polian who’s highly respected in the NFL, NCAAF, and broadcasting circles.
His name lends an enormous amount of credibility. Former NFL players like Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu will have advisory roles with the league, which further solidifies the AAF’s devotion to some well-run and honored league.
Fully Immersive Sports Betting
Unlike the NFL, the AAF is about sports betting. We’re witnessing a radical approach to the marriage of soccer and sports . Since legalized sports gambling is expanding throughout the nation, the AAF recognized the exceptional opportunity they have in developing a football experience for those fans unlike anything else in the country.
The basis for this union is an AAF app that will allow fans to see the games and bet on them in precisely the same time. This means that the tech will include an impressive live soccer gaming system for consumers to bet on teams, players, and even prop bets.
Another way that the team is coming a maximum sports gambling experience is by putting state of the art technologies on players to collect more data so as to provide the very best football betting odds potential. The technology being made by the AAF is enough to alter the game of soccer in America. On the other hand, the AAF is not just quitting. They are incorporating an on-field approach which does not only tries maximize amusement value, but also maximize the sport gambling opportunities.
Due to the groundbreaking approach of the league, there was no lack of investors. However, rather than trying to play the field for possible sportsbooks operators, the AAF signed an exclusive venture with MGM to deal with the sports betting side of the business enterprise.
Even if the games are not too exciting to NFL fans, they will continue to be exciting opportunities for sports bettors.

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