Understanding MMA Odds – Learn How To Read MMA Odds

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UFC betting has taken off in recent years and many of these bets are coming from new bettors who may not know the MMA chances. Here I will explain how to read the basic MMA money line odds in both American and decimal format, in addition to explain a couple of other popular MMA bets.
This gambling option is the most straight forward and also the one that 90% of people will be placing their money on. The money line wager is simply betting on which fighter will win. Here is an example of cash line odds for a struggle:
Chael Sonnen +235 (3.350 in Cartoon )
Anderson Silva -275 (1.364 in Cartoon )
The +235 beside Sonnen is in the American odds format and a $100 wager on Sonnen will acquire $235, for a payout of $335. The -275 to get Silva suggests that $275 must be risked to win $100 betting on Silva. So in American odds the (-) is always the preferred, although the (+) is the underdog. The (+) indicates how much you’d win by betting $100, whereas the (-) signifies just how much you have to bet to win $100.
Many new MMA fighters locate the decimal chances format simpler to comprehend. Together with the decimal odds format you simply multiply the bet amount by the decimal odds to find the payout. So with Sonnen you can multiply $100 by 3.350 to find a payout of $335. You could then subtract your wager ($100) to locate your winnings ($235). The decimal odds is particularly easier when deciding the payout for a favorite. For instance a $25 bet on Silva would payout 25??1.364 = $34.10 for a 9.10 win.
The odds for a struggle can change as more stakes roll in or the general public opinion of each fighters chances in the struggle changes. So if you see odds you like you should jump on them since there’s no guarantee how long they will be around.

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