Breaking Down the Odds for Miss Universe

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As we head into the holiday szn, one of our favourite gaming events is set to happen. No, not soccer that is Thanksgiving. Not by a longshot. I’m talking about Miss Universe.
This Sunday, each the Misses from around the world will gather in where else but beautiful Las Vegas to summit the top of all of them.
Luckily for us watching the case on TV, we can bet on the winner at Bovada. I have observed every Miss Universe pageant that’s just me, although because I was six.
The 3 favorites are Miss South Africa Miss Thailand, and Miss Colombia. How they determined on this, I don’t have any idea, but let us take a look at the contestants.
Miss Thailand: +400 When there was a best name category in this event, she would surely triumph, but she has a case at winning the crown regardless. Maria Poonlertlarp is a 6??? tall 25-year-old Thai woman with a Master’s diploma. One of her key goals is to cut down on adolescent pregnancy in her home country. Good for her. Next contestant.
Miss South Africa: +450 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters has hyphens in her first and last name, which is something I cannot say I have seen before. She earned two leadership positions. Nicely done. Next contestant.
Miss Colombia: +500 Hailing out of Colombia, Laura Gonz??lez is a 22 year old aspiring actress. Perhaps not the most noble of ambitions when compared with the others, however, what do you do? She wishes to be an actress, go get em girl.
I could do this all day , but let us jump the others and have a peek at Miss USA.
Miss USA: +1200 Miss District of Columbia (which I did not understand was something ) and Miss USA K??ra McCullough will be seeking to bring another crown to her collection. This great young woman is quite badass if I do say so myself. She has a degree in radiochemistry and now works as a scientist to the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Sounds kind of significant…
She’s also been contributing to the community by teaching kids math and science within her program”Science Exploration for Kids”. Although I am biased, but give her! She has the intangibles she needs is your poise. Poise counts!

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