Model charged with fraud in Neymar rape case

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Her former spouse along with najila Trindade should be charged against Paris Saint-Germain ahead Neymar, authorities state.
Trindade, a Brazilian version, faces charges of fraud, slanderous denunciation and extortion.
Her former partner Estivens Alves is accused of disclosing.
It comes following Trindade went to authorities in the city of Sao Paulo earlier this year alleging Neymar invited her in May at a Paris hotel.
Neymar had denied the claims and explained their relations were consensual.
About Instagram at June, he posted a seven-minute movie in which he said:”Anybody who knows me, knows of my behavior, knows that I’d never do something like that.”
With police blaming a lack of evidence against the Brazil global, the case from the 27-year-old was dropped in the end of July.
At the time Neymar stated he had been relieved, including:”This scar would remind me that human beings can do good things, but also the worst”
Sao Paulo state prosecutor Estefania Paulin had stated Trindade did not create any of the signs like a video that supposedly proved she was attacked by Neymar.
Ms Paulin added:”The authorities investigator asked her to plug her phone to a pc so that she could see the movie, but she did not want to do this. She also refused to deliver her telephone, and later she said it had been stolen.”
Prosecutors said the sole real injury to Ms Trindade was for her finger, along with health care reports couldn’t prove she had been mistreated.

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