Smith vs Ryder: Chris Billam-Smith bounces back with Commonwealth cruiserweight title win

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Chris Billam-Smith stopped Craig Glover Within five rounds to claim the Commonwealth cruiserweight title.

Three times dropped Glover until the fight was waved off to put himself after dropping his undefeated record into the Londoner in June.
Craig is an excellent fighter. I was scared going in that fight, explained Billam-Smith later. I would love that struggle next [Richard Riakporhe vs Jack Massey].
Despite suffering a cut glover, fighting before the hometown fans, picked up the points in the opening rounds.
Glover was caught by billam-Smith and followed with 2 hooks to deliver the Liverpudlian crashing into the canvas at the conclusion of the round.
After unleashing a barrage of blows, Glover for a time dropped and after that the Liverpudlian was floored the referee called a stop.

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