Brock Lesnar lays out Kofi Kingston after issuing WWE talent challenge

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Brock Lesnar gave Kofi Kingston a F5 on SmackDown following his challenge for a WWE title shot was approved.
Kingston was after he and his New Day colleagues despatched both the Viper and The Revival at a six-man label match and retained his name against Randy Orton in Clash of Champions on Sunday.
The WWE champion himself picked the winning pinfall after hitting on a Trouble in Paradise on Scott Dawson – however his night did not end there.
After the game, Paul Heyman asked that Kingston would stand alone to meet with The Beast, that the ring to clean.
When SmackDown proceeds into its new home on Friday nights on Sky Sports Arena heyman subsequently issued a struggle on behalf of his client for a game between the two.
Kingston – as a champion – approved, and the two will do battle on October 4. But that was not enough for Lesnar, who fell Kofi having the earth-shattering F-5.
Rowan & harper continue trail of destruction
Luke Harper’s return at Clash of Champions caught everyone by surprise however there is not shocking about what has followed it alongside Erick Rowan, he last night weaved a trail of destruction.
First Daniel Bryan made the point he knew about the attempts of Rowan to maim Roman Reigns all along and that he no longer admired his former tag-team partner – a statement that attracted men for a beatdown to the ring.
Handed a beating, alongside associates of WWE security but was cut off and although although himself hunted to intervene.
But Bryan captured the worst of it a dual crucifix bomb throughout the comment desk which left him right down and really much out.
Owens to sue McMahon for $25m
Kevin Owens is no longer a WWE worker but that didn’t stop him attending SmackDown as a fan.
Owens was encouraged by shane McMahon from his position from the stands to the ring, where in submitting a $25m wrongful termination lawsuit against him, he was requested to describe his actions.
Owens explained it was simply a case of vengeance, and also in the terms that would affect McMahon the maximum, hitting on his wallet and his ego.
If the star is effective in his action, he’ll also appreciate another advantage – becoming to fire McMahon from WWE.
Corbin’s coronation is wrecked by gable
The coronation since the 2019 King of the Ring of baron Corbin was a glorious affair – until he invited his fellow Chad Gable outside to share the moment together.
After a few jokes, Gable shattered and snapped both the King of the Ring collection and Corbin himself.
So it appears that while Corbin might have won the battle to become the King of WWE, the warfare between Gable and him will last for some time yet.

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