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There’s a lot. If you intend to watch the games at which you gamble, then this sports book’s conveniences should be important. If you’re one operate and to bet it is the chances that should be your priority’s competitiveness. I think a good measure of the sports book’s generosity is that the comp percentage in their own player reward program odds, and teaser odds. This page shows what the sports novel families do in these areas.

Before going further, while there are about 100 casinos in the Las Vegas region, there are only about 15 households of sports novels. Lines will be shared by casinos inside the same household and can be treated equally in terms of their generosity. I maintain a listing of the households that are different, and which casinos are members of every, in my companion website Wizard of Odds. This webpage assumes the reader already understands common sports gambling such as parlay and teaser. Please see my webpage on sports betting if this isn’t true.

Sports gambling is a low-profit affair compared to other casino games, so most sports books provide just a small proportion of the entire amount bet on sports in the form of comps, if anything in any way. The gain margin on race stakes is higher, so that they could afford to be generous in that place. The following table shows what the numerous sports novel families cover. For sports the rebate suggested is to get straight bets. Sometimes there is a greater percentage paid for bets like parlays and teasers. The percentage that was racing relies on win, place, and show bets. Exotic wagers, such as exactas and trifectas, using a takeout that is higher, could pay more.

The LVH gets the highest sports rebate at 0.45% (roughly $1 at comps for each $220 wager ) and thus wins the award for the best rebates.

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