List of all-time NHL standings

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The following is a list of those all-time standings records for each of the 31 busy National Hockey League (NHL) teams, beginning with the first NHL season (1917–18), and accurate as of the end of the 2015–16 NHL season. [1] Teams have been sorted by the overall proportion of points gathered out of points available (twice the amount of games played) during NHL history. From the NHL’s standings system, a team is awarded 2 points for a win (no matter if earned regulation or overtime), 1 point for a tie, 1 point for an overtime loss, and 0 points for a loss. [2]
The overtime loss statistic (abbreviated as OT or OTL) was released to the NHL’s standings from the 1999–2000 season. [3] The word for the purpose in standings awarded to a group for the overtime loss is that the Bettman stage,[4] named after Gary Bettman, the NHL commissioner at the time of its debut. [5] It is known as a point by fans and media outlets . [2][4]
As a consequence of the 2004–05 NHL lockout, that canceled the entire 2004–05 season, the team adopted a shootout containing shots on goals, in order to determine the winner of a game that’s still tied after an overtime period. [6] This adoption removed ties. [7]At the end of 2016–17 NHL season, the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs are tied for the most games played in the NHL, with 6,578 games. [1] The Canadiens also lead all NHL franchises in wins (3,374), ties (837), and factors (7,732). [1] The Maple Leafs additionally lead all NHL franchises in losses (2,762). [1] Being the most recently established group in the NHL, the Vegas Golden Knights have the fewest games played among all NHL franchises (82). [1] The Vegas Golden Knights have the fewest wins (51), and points (109). The Arizona Coyotes have the lowest point percent in NHL history (.477). [1] The Vegas Golden Knights possess the fewest total losses (24). [1] In relation to overtime losses, the Florida Panthers have recorded the maximum (181), whereas the Vegas Golden Knights have recorded the fewest (7). [1]

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