Jurgen Klopp: Man Utd ‘just defended’ against Liverpool, but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says otherwise

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Jurgen Klopp said Man Utd”just defended” against his Liverpool side from the 1-1 draw at Old Trafford, but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer believed differently.
Marcus Rashford’s opener was cancelled out by the late equaliser of adam Lallana in a game littered in VAR controversy. Liverpool, on a 17-game winning run, were clear favourites, but they were given a difficult time by United throughout.
United had 32.1 percent ownership, the second-lowest they’ve registered in a Premier League game at Old Trafford since 2003/04, although Klopp insisted he meant no threat, he states United”just defended” for the third successive year in this fixture.
Wondering if United’s fashion defeated Klopp, the German said:”Why should it frustrate me? I’m not the man who needs to be frustrated with Man United’s fashion.
“It is only a truth, once we come here, this year, this past yearbefore, they simply defend. That is how it is, that’s OK, it is no criticism, it’s only a fact. It is not the way you’d think both groups are currently trying like this.
“Again, the quality, we’re the one team everybody is on their toes when United plays against us. It’s no explanation, we will need to do we could do better, but you cannot play against each team similar to this, the way they played now.
“We are a great team, and when we play against somebody it’s ordinary for them to say’How can we stop them?'”
Solskjaer responded by stating:”We set out a team to strike, competitive and create opportunities. And I thought we all did this.”
The United boss added:”I thought we did well, well enough for them to alter system, that’s a pat on the back for those boys.
“We’re better when we strike fast, no dilly-dallying on the ball. I spoke ahead of the match about it, take risks, be braver, it isn’t important if you get rid of the ball up there, you’ll win it backagain. We were assisted by Becoming more direct.
“I am disappointed that I can’t sit here and discuss the triumph, but of course the operation is quite favorable, and I believe they were disappointed in the dressing room. I am sure they think and will go back tonight:’We’ve played with a team that is good ‘ We just have to kick .”
Manchester United are after their worst start with a Premier League effort, in 13th place.
Did the pundits agree with? Talking on Sky Sports, Jose Mourinho believed while Graeme Souness believed the hosts outworked Liverpool, Liverpool were stuck against United.
Jose Mourinho:”I really feel just as though Liverpool have some limitations if they come up against teams with low blocks. They have effects but occasionally they win from the constraints.
“Sometimesthey smash opponents that play how that they wish to play against, but clearly there’s a little bit of frustration for Jurgen. In Old Trafford, that is a unique location for Liverpool to winhe’s never done it.”
Graeme Souness:”I think Liverpool got off with it a bit. Man United worked their socks off. They were outworked, bossed in midfield today although liverpool midfielders are renowned because of their work-rate. I think that the result is a one if you examine the stats.
“But I think United will require a lot from that game. They turned today. They were organised and they demonstrated they can take a threat . They did a terrific job on Liverpool’s full-backs generally but a lot of Liverpool’s players did not turn up so they got away with you.”

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