Should Man Utd keep faith with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer? Fans’ verdicts

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By Shamoon Hafez
BBC Sport
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer got off to a flying start since Manchester United director with just 1 defeat out of his earliest 17 matches.
Those few months comprised an unlikely Champions League triumph at Paris St-Germain along with a surge in aid for the Norwegian, with pundits stating United had little option except to give their player the job.
Considering his continuing appointment in March however, a total of just 14 points out of 15 matches is much better than Southampton, Brighton and Watford.
United are enduring their worst start to a season in 20 decades and are also on their worst off run as 1989 – winless in eight matches – although Solskjaer’s win ratio now is 47.5%, lower than any United director since 1981.
Even the Norwegian will always hold a special spot in the hearts of Manchester United fans for its 11 years he spent for a player, a spell which contained scoring the winning goal in the 1999 Champions League final at the club.
But as United entertain Premier League leaders along with rivals Liverpool on Sunday – the team who caused the conclusion of the reign of Mourinho with a 3-1 win – should United stick to Solskjaer? And if he be in charge?
We asked four fans what they believe.
It is also possible to have your say.
Barker: He must be in charge after Liverpool however there are caveats. I believe a lot of United fans feel he really isn’t the man for the job. As he should do he is not getting as much from this bad quality squad. Even if he has a vision to the future, you wind up running down a slope in which bad results lead to outcomes and he may not have the ability to flip it around in time.
He has a plan. It still needs to be backed up by owners that the Glazers and [executive vice-chairman] Ed Woodward in the transport market but I do not think he will make it during the three decades. The best-case situation – if he can survive through another week – is to provide a squad that’s prepared for another director to carry over.
It is the worst squad in 30 years, Since Alan Shearer said and we’ll finish in the worst league ranking in 30 years as a result of this. It all flows from the surface down.
It’s clear to learn how elite clubs across Europe structure themselves for victory, so why not Manchester United believe they can have a different system?
Lehnert: Should Liverpool inflict a heavy defeat on United this weekend, even then it is not which Solskjaer won’t maintain his job. It has been a turgid beginning to this season, along with also a dispiriting loss at home to our rivals would gift if they are looking for one, the board a ideal chance to shoot the Norwegian.
More than some of United’s post-Ferguson managers, Solskjaer is functioning together with the backing. There has been precious little as that fateful March night when they conquer Paris St-Germain to suggest that he can lead this team into a halcyon future, although his line of charge from his time as a participant is unending.
If this run of form has a disheartening defeat Sunday, that’ll leave United hovering over the relegation zone, then perchance a swift exit would be best for those involved.
Laher: We can not keep sacking supervisors because each time we do we have to eradicate all of the players they don’t need and spend a fortune to acquire from the players the manager needs. Imagine if we bag Ole and his replacement does not like Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Harry Maguire?
Solskjaer seems like he’s got a plan to construct a group made up of young players. He must be given moment to do that and say he has their full support and the board should come out and clarify that they know that this process may take quite a few seasons.
Someone with experience in dealing with football transfers and contracts needs to be appointed to make sure we get the players we want in at the proper prices. In addition, we ought to appoint a director of football that sets the doctrine for how United perform, explains the players needed to implement that doctrine and make certain the style matches that doctrine of the manager.
Thompson I think Solskjaer is out of the depth. He will always be a legend in my own eyes and he’s hoping to get the very best job he can. But you can see his substitutions are not fantastic and he is naive.
But if you get rid?
United need a plan that is suitable. They want a sporting section. The thing is that if we finished in the top four final season, then Woodward would have had his most successful season. The goals were reaching the top four and quarter-finals of the Champions League off from performing this, and we were only a couple of points. How sad is that?
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