Lorenzen frequently returned to Memphis from Atlanta to invest time along with his children

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Lorenzen frequently returned to Memphis from Atlanta to invest time along with his children

Phil Dotson: That Sunday night we had opted to choose up their son — Lorenzen Jr. — through the gymnasium. He would was in fact playin’ basketball that evening.

Dotson states Sherra insisted Wright bring their son house to her house that night.

Phil Dotson: And, I finished up droppin’ him off that at about 10:00 p.m. night . As soon as he was dropped by me down, he stated, “Let me personally get in here and handle this. And I also’ll provide you with a call later Homepage on.”

But Lorenzen never called their buddy that evening. Alternatively, he needed assistance.


Two times after dropping down Lorenzen at his ex-wife’s house, their buddy, Phil Dotson got a call that is unexpected. It had been Lorenzen’s mom – looking on her son.

Phil Dotson: “Have you talked to Lorenzen? I can not achieve him.” And I also said, “Well, we figured he could you need to be outta city, he is perhaps perhaps not answerin’ the call.” So– I reached away to him too, and don’t hear any such thing straight straight back.

After maybe maybe not hearing from her son for over 48 hours, Deborah Marion filed a missing persons report with the authorities.

April Thompson, a reporter that is investigative WREG, the CBS affiliate in Memphis, ended up being with this tale from the beginning.

Thompson: His mother Deborah, really kind of pushed that something’s not right, and made people realize that he wouldn’t have been gone this long that no one heard from him april.

DEBORAH MARION WREG INFORMATION REPORT: … nowhere he could possibly be he is … We checked all his friends from here to Atlanta, Mississippi, everywhere that I don’t know where. Thus I don’t possess an idea.

April Thompson: it absolutely was actually form of strange in exactly just how it simply happened which he had disappeared, and then he ended up being gone over a few of these times, and no one knew any such thing.


Most troubling for Lorenzen’s household was which he appeared to have disappeared without having a trace.

DEBORAH MARION WREG INFORMATION REPORT mobile goes directly to voicemail. Simply bands four times and goes directly to voicemail.

But exactly what they did not recognize in the right time had been that Lorenzen had really left out an idea. From the 911 recording are their dying terms and the noise of 11 gunshots:

911 OPERATOR: Germantown 911, where’s your crisis?

911 OPERATOR: Hello?


911 OPERATOR: Hello?


That frantic call ended up being put at 12:05 a.m. in the early early morning of July 19 — simply hours after Lorenzen had been fallen down at Sherra’s.

The decision arrived directly into a 911 dispatcher in Germantown, Tennessee, a suburb of Memphis. Nonetheless it finished prior to the caller could offer his title and location:

911 OPERATOR: I do not have absolutely nothing but gunshots.

The dispatcher had difficulty determining the precise located area of the call, as well as reasons which are nevertheless unclear, the Germantown Police failed to investigate or inform any police that is surrounding.

Lorenzen Wright had produced call that is desperate assistance and no one knew about any of it.

Since the times passed Lorenzen’s disappearance became one of the primary secrets Memphis had ever seen.

Lorenzen’s ex-wife, Sherra, went regarding the news — showing up shaken.

SHERRA WRIGHT WREG INFORMATION REPORT: He had been fine. In which he’s fine now. And I also can not — i am perhaps maybe maybe not going to think such a thing other he then’s fine now.

She stated the final time she saw Lorenzen ended up being on that Sunday evening, July 18, at her house.

SHERRA WRIGHT WREG NEWS REPORT: He was not in a position to spend the night time because he had beenn’t right here quite that long, but he went away and then he never ever came ultimately back.

Just a few times later when police questioned Sherra, her tale had astonishing details that are new.

Marc Perrusquia: By her account, he left with a field of medications.

She implied that Lorenzen had been taking part in some type of medication deal and had been likely to “flip one thing for $110,000.”

Marc Perrusquia: She additionally told law enforcement that there have been these mystical gunmen whom had been stalking him into the times prior to the murder.

Then, on 28 — 10 days after Lorenzen was last seen — Shelby County authorities were finally told about the 911 call july. Why it took that long continues to be a concern.

That day, making use of more cell that is precise data and aided by cadaver dogs, the search had been on.

WREG INFORMATION REPORT: Police in Memphis, Tennessee, have discovered the human body of previous NBA player, Lorenzen Wright…

Police find Lorenzen’s human body near straight back woods road some 20 kilometers away from Memphis.

Dr. Bill Adkins: And I switched on the tv … And — I saw Deborah, their mother — operating down the road, tryin’ to make the journey to their human body … it had been a shock that is total. It absolutely was simply unbelievable he ended up being dead.

Gayle Rose: we literally dropped off my chair as well as on the floor and cried.

The coroners report stated Lorenzen was indeed struck by five bullets from two various weapons: two shots towards the mind, two towards the chest and another to their right supply

The coroners report stated he’d been struck by five bullets from two guns that are different two shots to your head, two towards the upper body plus one to their right supply. He had been nevertheless using a wrist watch and a chain.

Dr. Bill Adkins: …somebody simply murdered him. Not for the money, perhaps not robbery. Simply desired him dead.

The crime seemed personal to April Thompson.

Thompson: Whoever had something to do with this — it was something deep down april. …It had been extremely psychological. It had been extremely psychological.

Gossip began spreading and suspicion quickly fell on Sherra.

Phil Dotson: most of the arrows had been pointing towards her.

Toney Armstrong served with all the Memphis Police Department for 27 years and had been their deputy manager in those days.

Toney Armstrong: when you’ve got a murder, the people near to them may be the — many person that is obvious. …In my experience workin’ homicides, often there is been someone to come calmly to see your face’s protection. “You got the incorrect person.” “which is not in this man or woman’s character for this.” We never ever got by using Sherra.

James Brown: individuals operating to her protection possibly?

Toney Armstrong: Never To me personally.

Sherra had told police that Lorenzen owned a shotgun and a handgun and kept them in the home. Therefore armed with a search warrant, they had the home in search of the weapons.

However the “weapons weren’t positioned,” in accordance with the search warrant affidavit.

Relatives and buddies of slain NBA basketball player Lorenzen Wright grieve during a memorial service during the FedExForum in Memphis, Tenn. on Aug. 4, 2010. AP Picture

Seven days later on August 4, Lorenzen’s hometown ended up in force to express one final psychological goodbye at the FedEx Forum.

Their grandmother, their dad Herb, their mom Deborah, his ex-wife Sherra and their six young ones had been working within their ways that are own Lorenzen’s death.

With all the community still in surprise, the town’s mayor, A.C. Wharton, made this vow:

Mayor A.C.Whatron At memorial: Our company is working and day … And that justice will be done night. applause that is our pledge.


The investigation was hampered from the very beginning despite the enormous pressure to solve the murder of Lorenzen Wright.

Toney Armstrong: that which was various concerning this particular situation is you are nine times behind.

James Brown: Nine days behind?

Toney Armstrong: Because their human anatomy was not discovered for a time that is long he’d initially been reported lacking.

Crucial evidence that is forensic lost because of decomposition. Together with killers possessed a nine-day head begin.

Toney Armstrong: once we first picked this instance up, we inherited a cold instance.

Meanwhile, inside their seek out possible suspects, detectives had been uncovering information on Lorenzen’s personal life — plus it had been troubling.

Even though he had reportedly attained significantly more than $55 million during their NBA profession, Lorenzen had burned through all of the cash and ended up being almost broke during the time of their death.

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