Mauricio Pochettino says he could remain with Tottenham for five more years

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Tottenham director Mauricio Pochettino insists that he expects to remain in north London for five more years and wont walk away in the club.
Pochettino is under growing pressure after the 7-2 defeat to Bayern Munich of Tuesday left the club fighting to be eligible for the previous 16 of the Champions League.
Although an inconsistent start to the effort has left them in the Premier League, tottenham were knocked out of the Carabao Cup from Colchester United last month.
Pochettino insists he remains committed to the bar despite their struggles.
Its a moment to stay all together, he said. I accept the opinions. This happens at each club in the world, when you dont triumph, not merely at Tottenham.
It is normal that the game has created a great deal of opinion and rumours, everyone should talk.
However, in the end, the only thing that occurred is that we lost a game. I dont have any doubt we are likely to remain together and find a way to be successful again, no doubt.
Pochettino included:In five-and-a-half years, every single press conference weve talked in my future.
I expect [because] we are still discussing, it means that I am going to spend five more years at least.
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