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Web Encyclopedia of Philosophy : history of Latin United states philosophy

Web Encyclopedia of Philosophy : history of Latin United states philosophy

This short article describes the real history of Latin American philosophy: the thinking of its native individuals, the debates over conquest and colonization, the arguments for national freedom when you look at the eighteenth century, the difficulties of nation-building and modernization into the nineteenth century, the concerns over different types of development into the 20th century, and also the diverse interests in Latin American philosophy through the starting decades regarding the twenty-first century. Instead of try to offer an exhaustive and impossibly long list of scholars’ names and times, this short article describes the annals of Latin American philosophy while attempting to offer a significant feeling of information by concentrating quickly on specific thinkers whose work tips to wider philosophical styles being inevitably more complicated and diverse than any encyclopedic therapy can aspire to capture.

The expression “Latin United states philosophy” relates broadly to philosophy in, from, or around Latin America. Nevertheless, the definitions of both “Latin America” and “philosophy” are historically fluid and contested, resulting in much more disagreement when combined. “Latin America” typically identifies the geographical areas in the US continent where languages produced from Latin are widely spoken: Portuguese in Brazil, and Spanish generally in most of Central America, south usa, and areas of the Caribbean. The French-speaking elements of the Caribbean are occasionally included too, but all north for the Rio Grande are excluded regardless of French being widely talked in Canada. Even though it is anachronistic to speak of Latin American philosophy prior to the 1850s if the term “Latin America” first usage that is entered many scholars concur that Latin American philosophy expands at the least dating back to the sixteenth century as soon as the Spanish founded initial schools and seminaries when you look at the “New World”.

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